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The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Fitness through the Ages

By Casey Nichols | December 27, 2017 Exercise
The Good, the Bad & the Ugly: Fitness through the Ages

Relive 25 years of fitness we’re embarrassed to say we tried.

Over the years, we’ve seen the rise and fall of healthy habits we love and exercises we can’t believe we tried. A quick YouTube search reveals endless exercise videos (and outfits) that still leave us scratching our heads.

Of course, with the good and the bad come injuries and muscle soreness. Today, we can reach for a topical pain reliever, such as Biofreeze® pain reliever, apply it to our knees and still be on time for Monday night yoga. What did we do without products like Biofreeze? Why did we think neon Spandex was a good idea? Join us in digging up fitness trends of the past, and find out how Biofreeze has helped us conquer pain and stay active.


Ah, leg warmers. The 80s were all about step classes, calisthenics and Spandex. While a NASA scientist invented aerobics in the 1960s, the craze really caught on with Jane Fonda. Though fun, these exercises were full of pivots, lunges and reverses, which were hard on the knees. It was in this era of leg warmers that the #1 clinically-recommended topical pain reliever, Biofreeze Pain Reliever, started to provide much needed cold therapy pain relief through chiropractic offices.

1990s–Inline Skating

During this time, rollerblading peaked. Skate parks, sidewalks, empty swimming pools and city streets were full of kids and athletes alike. And Biofreeze was right there with them—adding a new roll-on to their product line to better meet the rising need for easy, no-mess pain relief on the go.

2000s–Xtreme Sports

When the X Games launched in the late 90s, more people turned to extreme activities, including snowboarding, skateboarding and rock climbing to stay active. More extreme sports meant more visits to the physical therapist, athletic trainer and chiropractor. At this time, Biofreeze made its own extreme debut into the physical therapy and athletic training markets.

2010 –Zumba & CrossFit

Though they may seem vastly different at first glance, Zumba and CrossFit are both dynamic and liberating fitness activities. But they push exercisers into new motions and create pain in hard-to-reach places. So whether you were focused on rhythm and dance in Zumba’s joyful fitness journey or driven by the rigor of the CrossFit gym, Biofreeze 360 Spray was launched to reach everywhere people needed pain relief without requiring a workout of its own.

2017 – Healthy Lifestyles & Overall Wellness

Today, it seems we’ve learned from the past and have taken a more holistic approach to fitness. We’re invested in our physical and mental wellness, we track our steps and more and more of us commit to marathons. To prep muscles and joints for 26.2 miles, many athletes and trainers apply Biofreeze. Over the years, Biofreeze has become a runner’s favorite to relieve aches and pains both before and after a race. It’s not slowing down and neither are you.

How are you expanding your performance and setting new fitness trends? If you’ve signed on to making lifestyle changes for yourself, check out the Biofreeze Professional Finder to connect with healthcare professionals who can help with performance, recovery and renewal.

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